About the Club

im Klobuchar is a prize-winning former columnist with the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the author of 23 books and an adventurer who has climbed more than 75 peaks and motivated thousands to make the high country and open road a meaningful part of their lives.

For nearly 30 years he has organized both adventure travel and more conventional tourism for Jim Klobuchar’s Adventures, a travel club with members in 18 states. It has taken both activists and those who prefer more relaxed tours to a generous mixture of the world’s faraway places and spectacles. These include hiking, bicycling, skiing or sight-seeing. He has led hiking in the Himalaya 12 times, on the Inca Trail and to Machu Picchu and the Amazon rain forest three times, photo safaris to East Africa 11 times and on climbs  of Kilimanjaro five times. His club’s destinations include Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Russia, New Zealand’s Milford Track, Yellowstone in winter, Yellowstone in summer, the Grand Teton mountains of Wyoming and Holyland tours of Israel. His maxim in all of these is that it doesn’t take a supercreature to negotiate the adventure travel he plans. It does take curiosity. It also takes less money than comparable trips offered by national travel agencies. He has traveled and  escorted tours to most of these places often. He and his club market their travels through the club newsletter and on the Internet. He leads almost all of them and over the years has created a network of providers who offer dependable service that maximizes your enjoyment and safety on the trip.

“I’ve been to the Himalayas, Africa and Israel with Jim,” George Halder of Minneapolis said. “The reason I keep going back to some of those places with him is that the trips are organized superbly and the people with whom you travel are stimulating to be around and often become some of your best